About Me

I’m Student in my last year studying Journalism at Robert Gordon University. My degree focuses on breaking down complicated subjects and translating them into a format that anyone could read and learn from. This is the thought process that is going to be applied to this website.

“The first step to change,… is accepting your reality right now.

Dan Millman, Sacred Journey of the peaceful warrior

This website hopes to break down the intellectual barriers that some may struggle with when trying to understand their own basic thought patterns. Alongside this goal, Psychology101 aims to tackle the stigma that others may feel when talking about their mental health.

For full transparency I myself I’m not an expert in the field of psychology, I will be learning alongside you. The main focus of this website will be to share the stories and experiences of other people and their own personal stories about mental health .

I hope you will enjoy learning and exploring the corners of your own mind and others.